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The 2021 Creative Chaos Craft Show has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Applications for 2022 will be announced at a later date.

If you don't receive the application package via e-mail by early November, please check our website for the updated forms. To avoid disappointment, please send it in right away.

Interested in being an Exhibitor?
Creative Chaos Crafts has a long standing reputation for attracting crafters and artisans with high quality and unique work from all over the province of BC and as far east as Ontario. We are always looking for exciting artisans who offer extraordinary hand made products in a wide variety of categories.All craft work must be hand made by the exhibitor, no repackaging or reselling anything that wasn't handmade by you. If this is sounds you then look for further details in the application package.

As per previous years, we continue to select the participants for our show by a lottery style draw. The show will be filled by category from the draw shortly after the deadline. Once each category in the show is full, we create a waitlist for all applicants not successful in the draw. All entries received after the deadline will automatically be placed on the wait list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the deadline for applying to Creative Chaos?
  • The deadline for 2020 is January 10th.

  • What advertising is provided by Chreative Chaos?
  • We place ads in local newspapers, on the local radio stations television, brochures, magazines, flyers are distributed by members of the Creative Chaos throughout Vernon, online advertising is done on numerous sites as well as facebook, instagram and twitter.

  • What are the booth sizes?
  • Sizes vary from 10’x5’ up to 10‘x15’. A complete list can be found in the application package.

  • What’s included with my booth fee?
  • Full curtains on the back, 2 Exhibitor ribbons, chairs, Sunday morning pancake breakfast ticket.
  • What’s not included with my booth fee?
  • Parking, electricity and tables are a few of the additional items. A complete list can be found in the application package.

  • What are the categories?
  • Creative Chaos currently has 20 categories to choose from. Please see the application package for details.

  • Can I apply to multiple categories?
  • Yes, however, you must apply to one as your primary category. For example: 75% Jewellery, 25% body products.

  • Can I share a booth with another crafter?
  • Yes, however, you must both be listed on the application package, including all products to be sold etc.